Stephen Aanu Olobo

A group of female childhood friends Sechelela, Zamoyoni, Ginger and Jamila who also happen to be jobless yet qualified lawyers, decide to bow out and find a way to survive in a demanding society in order to pay their bills. A long their journey they go through multiple personal challenges in their relationships, social life and marriage. They decide to meet up for lunch in one of their favorite restaurants to device a plan to please one Sechelela whose marital life is under extreme pressure resulting into depression. Each one of them grabs an opportunity to attempt to please Sechelela by giving her a treat that involves uncomfortable traditional ‘mad’ spa in a village, a lady’s only holiday trip and wine testing that fails miserably, exposing their weakness as a group revealing a long time grudge between Zamoyoni and Jamila. Zamoyoni accuses Jamila of attempting to hijack her husband, Jamila withdraws and quits the fraternity but only to be reunited in an evening birthday party organized by Sechelela thanks to Ginger’s charm.