Peter Okoje

Experience and passionate videographer with extensive industry experience , training and proven success in documentary Filmmaking.
Adept in overseeing all aspects of film productions including camera & lens choice, camera manipulations, lighting, sound and overall outcome in film. I brings forth the ability to collaborate effectively with others. I have created 7 short stories that have been featured in film festivals around the world and won an award. I have worked on several projects like musical videos’, movies set and collaborating with others. I grew up in a small village in Nigeria and my environment has inspired me to create stories around ordinary everyday people often overlooked in our society but has stories that inspire. Peter studied Cinematography at The Pencil Film and Television Institute. Peter was one of 10 people representing Nigeria at Akoma Amplify Fellowship (2017) for Africa’s storytellers and content creators and one of the 16 filmmakers invited for the Global Short Documentary Forum (GSDF) by ONE WORLD MEDIA in the UK.

Tel: 619-395-0212