Lucky Munyembani

Lucky Mashudu Munyembani , better known by his stage name StageBox Breathe , is a South African singer, songwriter, Model and photographer.
Born: 16 May 1989 (age 32 years), Musina, MTD Hospital , South Africa
Children: Kaitlyn Tshedza Munyembani, Caleb Mulweli Munyembani and Charmaine Mutshidzi Munyembani
Albums: long walk to stardom, all my promises and Breathe.

His family is a close-knit middle-class one, and he is very close to his parents and siblings.
He was naturally inclined towards music from childhood and started singing as a small child. He was just 11 when he began dabbling with words to write his own songs.
His dream was to study music, due to financial problems the journey of studying ended but he didn’t gave up and embarked on a musical career while still in his teens.
He entered some local competitions and that helped him to sharpen up his dream.
As a highly creative youngster who had a way of opening roads with words, he started writing songs for other musicians.

This is a different kind of StageBox Breathe . A rude, insolent and perhaps even arrogant StageBox Breathe. He doesn’t care that you will sulk his music or albums, but his story can relate or communicate in such a way that you might think he was there when you got oppressed, opposed, declined or removed out of line. He is ultimately back this time around not to make you happy, but to make you think.

I would love to see my career or talent to be seen worldwide.

Tel: 0842098496