Gareth van den Berg

I am the co-producer of The Ultimate Vegan Adventure which is a travel show that visits countries across sub-Saharan Africa, exploring the growing vegan culture that these beautiful countries have to offer in 35minute episodes. The show showcases traditional foods in each country as well as locally produced crafts and traditional activities including song and dance. There is also a strong travel theme with fun activities that are commonly enjoyed in the places that we travel to such as camping, ziplining, cycling, canoeing etc.

The show is currently in post production and we are looking for platforms to share it on.

The show is a blend of educational information sharing with a light hearted fun side.

Each episode incorporates a mix of the following themes:
Visit a fruit/vegetable farm
Visit several restaurants/takeaways with a very popular or appealing vegan meal
Visit an animal reserves/rescue
Interview environmental/vegan activist
Visit notable sites and learn about the country’s history
Explore a local market/bazaar/shop with substantial vegan foods/groceries
Interview a local vegan brand
Visits a traditional village or venue showcasing traditional crafts and activities
Partake in sport/s or recreational adventure activities
Learn about traditional cultural practices

The aim of the show is to give our audience an idea of how incredible traveling in Africa is, how widespread and accessible veganism is in Africa, whilst also focusing on why travelling around each country is unique and wonderful.

Season 1 – African Safari:

South Africa: Kwa-Zulu Natal
South Africa: Western Cape
South Africa: Gauteng
Bonus episode: Morocco