Eric Kabera

Eric Kabera
Premier Rwandan filmmaker,
Motivated by the lack of human resources in audiovisual in Rwanda, Eric KABERA founded the Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) in 2001 with the intention of training and facilitating filmmaking in Rwanda. He is as well one of the founder members of the African film School networks (FSN) with reputable German film schools.

He is also a member of the East African Filmmakers Forum that covers Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda and he sits on the board of Advisors of Maisha Film Labs alongside with Spike LEE, Raoul PECK, Sofia COPPOLA and Peter CHAPPELL.

Eric Kabera is the founder and the Chairperson of the annual Rwanda Film Festival organized and hosted by Rwanda Cinema Centre.
Rwanda Cinema Centre initiatives have been hailed around the world from Cape Town, Zanzibar, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles. In 2007, Rwanda Cinema Centre held a special program called 3 Voices at the Tribeca film Festival where over 400 delegates attended the event celebrating talents trained by the Rwanda Cinema Centre under the leadership of Eric Kabera at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Among the top guests speakers at this event were:
President William Jefferson Clinton the 42nd President of the United States of America, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Ambassador Andrew Young, the Civil Right Movement activist and former mayor of Atlanta, Pastor Rick Warren author of the Best Seller book Purpose Driven life.

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