The Light Of Kenya

The Light Of Kenya To many Kenyans, then and now, he is simply known as Mzee. He is celebrated as the founding father of Kenya. Back

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Yousour Ndour

Yousour Ndour The decision by 85 year old president to run for a controversial third term ensured more eyes than usual would be on the country’s elections next month. now- with one of africa’s most celebrated performers launching a rival bid for the presidency-the polls are even more firmly in the [...]

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Winnie The Pig

Winnie The Pig Do animals have rights? Do they feel pain and do they really suffer? Back

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The Path To Forgiveness

The Path To Forgiveness What will it take to pardon the mischief of hundreds of murder and thousands of displacement? Back

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The Last Born

The Last Born For girls in Malawi, underdevelopment, poverty and teenage pregnancies has been a killer of dreams, but with the help of Chief Theresa Kachidamoto, hope for education and a chance at a decent life has been regained back to her village, Malawi and Africa. Back [...]

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Tanzania At 50

Tanzania At 50 Tanzania celebrates 50 years since its independence. Back

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Revisiting Korem

Revisiting Korem When Mohammed 'Mo' Amin picked his camera on October 19, 1984, he couldn't possibly have thought that what he will film that day and the next two days would not only change his own life, but millions more. Back

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Power Withing My Heart

Power Withing My Heart Any Nigerian woman is a woman that can overcome any challenge. The women in this documentary tell us more about this. Back

Power Withing My Heart2022-06-22T08:10:18+00:00

My Zanzibar

My Zanzibar Its name alone is alluring enough for many to visit. For hundreds of years, traders and travellers have eulogised about Zanzibar’s intoxicating aroma of spices, its beautiful beaches, music and the bustle of its Moorish capital, Stone Town. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by Zanzibar. Back [...]

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