Joshua Djanie

Joshua Djanie Media Pros Africa is a leading resource company in Kenya that provides media solutions in content distribution, content production and channel development. We aggregate competitive and creative African content that provides for a unique viewer experience. Our team goes beyond accumulating a catalogue but ensures consumption dynamics are considered. [...]

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Tom Heiry

Tom Heiry I'm a Filmmaker, colorist and wedding photographer. with 6+ years of visual storytelling experience directing, filming, editing, and commercial production." Website: Email: Tel:+27680251387 Back

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Ishmael Afoakwah

Ishmael Afoakwah I’m a film maker with a background from weddings photos/video documentaries, drone piloting. Music Video is my speciality right now. I’m looking forward to join a crew and community that will enhance and contribute to my growth. Email: Tel:+233575755564 Back [...]

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Victor Akintunde

Victor Akintunde I’m an production house specialised in Music Videos & Film. I currently have a music video called, Gbagboshi. Artist | @Donti_Idim | @wildboykas. Production Managed By: @victorakin29 | @oga__v . OGA V Entertainment | Skidim Skida Entertainment © Website: Email: Tel: 08029991021 Back [...]

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Katayeyanjue Ali Adeniyi

Katayeyanjue Ali Adeniyi I am a filmaker and independent freelancer. Email: Tel:+2348088817748 Back

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Olamide Akinjare

Olamide Akinjare I am a self-taught filmmaker, a creative mastermind with the hunger to flip the words on the script to the screens. Akinjare Olamide Productions specializes in telling stories based on reality and culture that is close to the heart and based on our society. Email: Tel:+2349025415837 [...]

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Akanimo I started as a nonlinear editor, I developed more interest in visual storytelling so I started cinematography. And now I shoot and post produce most of my content. Email: Tel: 07034956877 Back


Ayemere Sunday

Ayemere Sunday Sunnyblufilm Proudly making broadcast and video content for over 12 years Over the years we have made numerous broadcast TV series, TV commercials and teleshopping programmes for Nigeria television channels, as well as thousands of videos for businesses, startups, charities, large and small. We are a results-driven team of [...]

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Antwi Gideon

Antwi Gideon The Titan Movie Is a Sci Fi Action Thriller Movie Directed and Edited by A Young Ghanaian film maker and Actor....called Antwi Gideon"Kobby Graphix". I'm a Young Ghanaian Boy who has the passion and spirits to make movies. Email: Tel:0553144506 Back [...]

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The Overflow

The Overflow We are the voice of the voiceless using dance as a major tool to foster love and togetherness to the world as a catalyst for healing and positive change. Email: Tel: 09061548440 Back

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