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Xolane Township boy movement is a multi media agency. we produce 100 percent South African content . we specialize in Television production, photography , marketing communication , advertising and digital marketing Website: www.townshipboy.com Email: xoleninkosi@gmail.com Tel: +27732267515 Back


Wani Francis Joseph

Wani Francis Joseph AKA Yuppie Jay Wani Francis Joseph AKA Yuppie Jay is south Sudanese finest reggae dancehall, afro and solo artist bone on 1st /January/ 1991 in his native village called Kupera, at the central equotaria state south Sudan. Yuppie Jay completed his high school in Koboko district Uganda at [...]

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Silva Dera Okpara

Silva Dera Okpara I am a young Visual story teller. Hoping to tell stpries with amzing visual contents. Documentaries, Spoken word visuals and dramas . I am an independent film maker. Email: silvaokpara@gmail.com Tel:+254708714473 Back

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Shedrack Salami

Shedrack Salami I'm a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist, Photographer, Mobile Filmmaker, Graphic designer and Visual content creator. Based in Lagos Nigeria. I have so much enthusiasm for Smartphone Filmaking and have been experimenting and devloping various projects using this medium, as well as telling stories with visuals. Website: https://instagram.com/shedracksalami_ Email: xtrovarts@gmail.com Tel: [...]

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Philip Ajao

Philip Ajao The Experiencing Nigeria Project was conceived out of the desire to change the narrative about Nigeria and her people as well as expose the country to greater FDI inflows. This is done by producing in-depth documentaries on the country's numerous tourist sites and notable cultures. The documentaries would serve [...]

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Paul Omoruyi

Paul Omoruyi Paul Omoruyi is an Award winning Director and Producer. he made his first feature film in 2012 titled Love is not enough. some of his latest productions includes Men in Trouble and Truncated. Email: paulo.omoruyi@gmail.com Tel: +2348037833224 Back

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Muyiwa Kayode

Muyiwa Kayode We specialize in the creation and production of animation content that projects African cultural identity while promoting positive values of equality in diversity and peaceful coexistence. Our content focus on the younger generations (though suitable for all ages), to inculcate the spirit and culture of mutual understanding thereby promoting [...]

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Madecreator Media and Entertainment

Madecreator Media and Entertainment We are a formidable production / media house , making a worldclass contents for our global audience . Website: https://madecreator.com/ Email: madecreator@gmail.com Tel: +254708714473 Back

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Ken Okitikpi

Ken Okitikpi I create Motion Comics and Books. At Artitude Multimedia, we add life to comics and illustrated books by animating the images, making them move, talk, and do virtually everything a publisher desires for their characters to do. So we create content with local Nigerian/African comics that showcase the rich [...]

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