Ambassador Jendayi Frazer

Former Assistant Secretary of African Affairs, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Africa studies at the CFR. She was the special assistant to the president and senior director for African Affairs at the NSC and was the first US Ambassador to South Africa. She was the first at the Pentagon as a political military planner with the JCS. She has thought at the Harvard, University of Denver and Carnegie Mellon University. She is the recipient of various awards including the Distinguished Service Medial the highest award bestowed by the secretary of state. Ambassador Jendayi Frazer is on the board of MasterCard and Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

US Foreign Policy towards Africa The last 50 years of US-Africa relations has been mainly about AID, regime change and Military engagement. Since post-cold war, Jimmy Carter, Ronal Reagan, George Bush Senior still dealt with Africa as an AID recipient. Bill Clinton started with AGOA, George W Bush shifted US-Africa policy and galvanized with PEPFAR, Obama launched YALI and POWER AFRICA programs and Trump focused on Prosper Africa and DFC, What will Biden Administration be about? How will US reengage in Africa and conduct Diplomacy in the struggle